Trisha Testimonial

Trisha before and after

Trisha’s (age 59) main goal was to lose weight, get healthy, and feel happier in her skin.  She wanted to have the energy to stay active with her kids and grandkids but struggled with yo-yo dieting her entire adult life. As she told me when we first spoke, “I’m really good at losing weight, but I don’t know how to keep it off.”

Trisha was provided with a clear-cut nutrition plan that included achievable daily goals.  She was then able to use this plan to create sustainable habits that fit into her life. These lifestyle changes not only helped her accomplish her weight loss goal but also allowed her to achieve lasting positive results for her health.

Trisha lost (and maintained) a 45 lb. weight loss. She lost 10 inches from her waist and went from a snug size 14 to a loose size 10. She also had a breakthrough on her mindset about the scale, reflecting, “I weigh every day, but I don’t get too concerned if it’s up a pound or two because I know it’s not because of how I ate.”

Trisha’s comments about getting results with EHN coaching: “You always knew what to say to motivate and encourage me; you told me to trust in what we were doing, and I learned to trust the plan and you. I had reservations when I was stalled and you had me take a break and increase calories and then go at it again, and it always worked.”

Trisha’s story is a great reminder that it’s never too late to get lean, healthy, and confident!

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