Heather Testimonial

Heather before and after

Heather (age 42) had a goal to lose fat, feel leaner, and fit into her clothes more comfortably. She was frustrated with her previous weight loss attempts (such as a meal plan service) and was confused about how to find the right approach that worked for her.

Heather was provided with a customized plan that specified the ideal range of calories and protein to eat each day to help her meet her goal. Another important aspect of her plan was the accountability she received to stay consistent. 

One of Heather’s biggest struggles in the past was her impatience with changes on the scale. However, coaching helped her learn how to trust the process and strive for consistency rather than perfection.

Here’s what Heather had to say about EHN coaching, “I have lost body fat, increased lean muscle mass, and met my goal of losing and maintaining a 10 lb. weight loss. I have more confidence! I have learned to choose filling, healthy foods to keep me feeling good. I feel so much better when I eat well. Emilie taught me how to make long term change.”

Heather is a great example of a busy working mom who has achieved an amazing physique and optimal health!

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