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emilie hansen nutrition How Your Mind Affects How Your Diet

Temptation: How Your Mind Affects How You Diet

Dieting is often treated as a one-size-fits-all solution to weight loss. Not only is this untrue from a nutritional standpoint, but also from a psychological perspective.
See, what most individuals overlook when they begin losing weight is how they handle temptation.
For some of us, we can maintain higher consistency when we allow ourselves a little “cheat” here and there. This might look like a few pieces of candy or a handful of chips. For others, we can maintain higher consistency by cutting those foods completely out of our diet.

Fat Loss Formula for Women

People talk about weight loss all the time. It’s part of our media, our daily lives, and even our personal fitness goals. But what do we really mean when we talk about weight loss? Well, we are normally talking about fat loss.

emilie hansen nutrition Emotional Eating Stress Sabotaging Weight loss

How To Stop Emotional Eating From Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

As I’ve talked about a bit elsewhere on this blog, weight loss is not only physical, it’s psychological. For many, emotional eating plays a large role in this dynamic.

Unfortunately, due to the deeply ingrained patterns that contribute to emotional eating in the first place, this habit can be a real challenge to break. This is especially true when we start using food to cope with boredom, sadness, and even anxiety.

emilie hansen nutrition health through the holidays

The Best Strategies to Stay on Track During the Holiday Season

For many individuals on a weight loss journey, the holidays can be both a joyful and challenging time. For those in the west, the holidays bring 6 weeks of rich foods, seasonal treats, and copious amounts of sugary and alcoholic beverages.
While we want to use this time to celebrate and spend time with loved ones, it’s easy to see how the season can also be a source of stress.

emilie hansen nutrition is a nutrition coach worth it

Is a Nutrition Coach Worth the Money?

When beginning our personal health journeys, our first resource is often the internet. We read blogs and forums, looking for the best ways to lose fat, gain muscle, and return to a place of confidence with our bodies.
While the internet is a powerful tool, at some point or another we hit a roadblock. The information we find might be contradictory, complicated, or not fit into our busy lifestyles.

MyFitnessPal: The Best Way to Track Your Calories and Macros

Staying consistent during weight loss is one of the most effective ways to boost success. Normally, we attain this consistency through tracking meals, macros, and fitness.

While it’s easy to rely on eyeballing these portions and guesstimating your nutrition intake, it’s simply not effective.

Studies show that for individuals who want to lose weight, accurately measuring food is one of the most important parts in the process. This is because without accurate measurements, it’s easy to underestimate just how much food we are eating– this is especially true for calorie rich foods such as peanut butter, cooking oils, and salad dressings.

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